Who's behind C: Landing Arts? 

Kathryn Bates



Kathryn Bates has always had a passion for bringing people into deep experiences in art.  She loves to perform as cellist of the Del Sol Quartet, but also loves to curate and imagine new experiences for people.  

Charlton lee




Charlton Lee decided that music might reach more people than experimental physics so he's devoted his life to the work of the Del Sol Quartet, championing the community of artists today.  (And he's a really amazing cook!)

OUr Quartet


The Del Sol Quartet is all about risk-taking and redefining what's possible with a string quartet.  We might be on stage choreographed with dancers, jamming with our didjeridu player, or singing quarter tones.  Or we might not be on stage at all, but performing in the middle of a canyon somewhere. We're total nerds about what we do and we love working with living composers (that's mostly what we do and we've done a lot of it.)  Find out more.  

OUR non-profit (the producer)


The Del Sol Performing Arts Organization is the amazing non-profit that supports the work and productions of the Del Sol Quartet community.  Find out more about the organization and how you can be a part of us through our contact page.  

Our partners


The inaugural year of the Golden Arts Society in sponsored in part by the Investing in Tomorrow Organizational Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation with support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.