Photography provided by Charlton Lee

For decades, we have brought music to the concert hall.  Now we're bringing it home.

Our Mission

C: Landing Arts curates artistic experiences for today’s Bay Area in an intimately rich acoustic space located by Ocean Beach in the Outer Richmond District of San Francisco.  As a project of the Del Sol Performing Arts Organization, curators Kathryn Bates (cellist) and Charlton Lee (violist) draw from their decades of experiences in the Del Sol Quartet to create thoughtful, provocative, and intimate ways to have more art and music in your life.

C: (pronounced "Sea") Landing draws its name from the sense of home, the proximity and relationship to the ocean, and the "C" clef symbol that is used in music notation by both violists and cellists.  

Check out this season's membership programs.  C: Landing Arts is located at 751 47th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.

What an experience! That was extraordinary!

I came expecting a little Mozart. This was way better.
— Audience member